Our Basement Remodel

To our friends and family, we're building a Theater and our basement, along with a concession, full bath, kitchette, and guest suite.  Check it out.

Updates in Flooring.

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Fireplace | Home |

Fireplace grouted

Fireplace grouted

Slate now adorns the mantel

And the hearth and fireplace surround

We're putting in a ventless gas fireplace with the same slate as the kitch flooring as a hearth

Electric Features | Home |

The Concession Light Off

The Concession Light On

The Small Can Trim (Light On)

The Small Can Trim (Light Off)

The Big Can Trim (Light On)

The Big Can Trim (Light Off)

The Faux Window with Glass

The kitchen Light

Cabinetry | Home |

Bathroom medicine cabinet

Slate backsplash and wall treatment, and candy case

The candy cabinet, front

The candy cabinet, front

The candy cabinet, crate - It's Christmas!

The kitchen Counter Top with Cooktop, Sink, and Faucet

The kitchen Counter granite type is "Galaxy"

The kitchen oven base cabinet (popcorn machine goes on top)

The kitchen upper cabinets (and fridge)

The kitchen base cabinet (sink/rangetop)

Trim and Woodwork/Doors | Home |

Basement Door (new French style)

Door knobs (close)

Door knobs (far)

Faux windows fully trimmed

Mantel and electric panel doors

Sump Cover / Plant Shelf

Chair rail in bedroom

The doors installed (not painted)

Trimming faux windows for plexiglass

bathroom trim for toilet

Support post trimmed out

Closets | Home |

The small cedar closet hangars

The bedroom closet

The bedroom closet

The large cedar closet

The large cedar closet

The small cedar closet in bedroom

Secret sliding door in small cedar closet

Main cedar closet (from family room) and other side of secret door (edge on)

Paint | Home |

Electric Box Covers painted

Heater expansion tank covered

Basement windows trimmed in paint

Arcade paint

Kitchenette paint

Family room closet and storage room door (left)

Family room and cedar closet door (center)

Family room to arcade

Back hallway to bedroom

Bedroom closet/builtin TV and dresser

Bedroom wall/egress window

Bathroom (shower right, privacy 1/2 wall left)

Arcade to Theater/Concession

Storage Closet

Drywall | Home |

Egress Window was required for this to be a bedroom

Kitchenette/Concession Service

Bedroom Soffett Curves

Curves in Arcade

Curves in Arcade

Bedroom Built-in TV and Bureau


Familyroom Fireplace

Marque for Movie Theater

Familyroom-to-Arcade Hallway

Flooring | Home |






Kitchen grouting

The Concession Vinyl Flooring

The Concession Vinyl Flooring

The Concession Vinyl Flooring

The Concession Vinyl Flooring

The kitchenette Slate Flooring

From the arched doorway

Utliity Room Floor (1)

Utliity Room Floor (2)

Storage Room Floor

Framing | Home |

Brett in Concession

Arcade to Familyroom, storage room to left

Back hall to bedroom egress window

Bedroom built-in area

Plumbing and wiring for kitchenette/bath

Kitchenette wiring

Fresh air to familyroom for fireplace

Fireplace and electrical panel

Increased gas supply line size for fireplace

Cable signal booster above fireplace in family room (next to closet)

Lighting circuit over familyroom near sump

Sump pump framing

Fresh air connection from utility room to fireplace

Electrical circuits near soffett in arcade

Egress Window | Home |

Getting ready to dig

The backhoe in position

Big stinking hole

Getting ready to cut the wall out

The hole is cut, with a lip for the window to rest on, and sloped on the outside

The wall is cut

The cut piece knocked out

Fireplace and electrical panel

Lots of cutting dust

Big Dig

Why do I like digging holes so much?

Worker dude

Backhoe dude

Backhoe dude

Egress Window! Now it's a BEDROOM!

Backfilled to the foundation drain